Recently I was given a new job opportunity. Just like that. Handed to me on a plate. I was invited to be a guest columnist. And when I say ‘invited’, I use the word loosely. Here’s how it went…. My daughter has also gone into the food business. When she is not busy at her day job, she cooks and writes for her food blog. A few weeks ago, she informed me that I was being given a chance to make myself useful as her guest columnist, to answer her readers’ baking questions. A slight sense of déjà vu creeps in here, except that the roles have changed. When she was a child, I struggled to keep her constructively occupied. Now she’s returning the favour. Isn’t that kind of her?

My first column appeared on her blog today. The small snag for many of you is that it’s in Dutch, but I’m sure you already know the answer. The question was ‘What is the difference between baking soda and baking powder?’ Read about it here